Hello, and thank you for visiting my site! I am a Certified Professional Midwife serving the Kansas City metro area attending births at home.

Pregnancy is a time filled with excitement, anticipation and planning for a new life to merge with yours. When asked about my philosophy about pregnancy and birth, it is simply that birth belongs to the pregnant person, to the baby and to their family. I encourage the parents to receive their babies into their own hands, and siblings can be a great support team in the birthing process. As a midwife, my purpose is to support parents and babies throughout the childbearing year, taking into account the unique physiological, psychological, and social well-being and needs of each client, to provide individualized education and counseling, as well as client-centered prenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum care. I understand the importance of providing compassionate, holistic, and culturally sensitive midwifery care, and strive towards making the Midwives Model of Care™ accessible for every person and family who seeks it, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

I attend births at home, and all prenatal and postpartum visits are also in the comfort of your own home. Visits typically last at least an hour so there is plenty of time to answer your questions, get to know each other and to discuss topics pertinent to where you are in your pregnancy. I have studied natural nutrition and health including homeopathy and herbs for many years and use this knowledge to assist the families I work with to encourage a healthier pregnancy and more satisfying birth. A birthing student/assistant will attend prenatal visits and the birth with me.

I provide informed consent documents regarding all options available to you during your pregnancy and for your newborn through the common standard of midwifery care. The documents provide information to assist you in making decisions to accept or decline any testing for yourself and your newborn including prenatal and newborn tests and screenings.

You are welcome to borrow from my extensive lending library including many DVD’s. I also maintain a comprehensive referral list of chiropractors, pediatricians, massage therapists, pelvic floor specialists, and others who support home birth clients.

Birthing options include VBAC, teens, LGBTQ, waterbirth.

I provide the “Birth Pool in a Box” birthing pool at no extra charge to you as well as most of the supplies needed for your birth. You will be asked to purchase a few items, however if you have already had a baby, you will likely have most of these items on hand.

My fee does not include lab tests, ultrasound scans or newborn screening.

Due to the complexity and constant flux of the medical insurance system, MamaSara Midwifery Services, LLC no longer accepts insurance. If you choose to make an insurance claim, MamaSara Midwifery Services, LLC will create an itemized statement for you which your insurance may accept.

I am happy to schedule a free interview to discuss your wishes for a home birth and to assist you in deciding if home birth with me is an option for you.

Sarah Wallbaum, CPM